form over function?


function over form?


Poème is the culmination of a 35-year love affair with cycling and over three years of intensive design and development in pursuit of a deceptively simple objective: To build one of the most beautiful, unique bicycles in the world.

Poème bicycles, despite the obvious paradox, scream subtle beauty and sophistication. They turn heads - and turn convention on its head, by respecting the traditions and values of cycling’s rich heritage while remaining fearless in face of its mainstream design precepts.

Poème bicycles host an eclectic multi-cultural curation of componentry and one-of-a-kind design and engineering details. By combining state-of-the-art high-tensile, lightweight Titanium and the warm, tactile nature and luxurious ride quality of wood with custom details such as a hand-carved suicide shifter and gun-engraved crank arms, a Poème stands alone as a work of art, an exquisite form of personal expression, that doubles as a pragmatic, utilitarian mode of daily transportation.

Poème bicycles are simultaneously retro and contemporary. Traditional and modern. Classical and punk rock.

From the wooden rims from Officine Milani Firenze and the special-edition Fairweather Sugino cranks to the brass thumb nuts on the adjustable rear dropout, every single part has been hand-sourced from best-in-breed suppliers, regardless of the origin. Regardless of the price. Titanium from China. Steel from Japan. Wood from Italy. Leather from England. All summed up, with a nod to the country and the race that inspired our obsession with cycling in the early ‘80s, a French name: Poème.

A Poème is a statement of rhythm, grace and beauty, capable of stirring untapped emotion as it propels you in silence with unparalleled calm, cadence and meter.

Poème encapsulates everything there is to love about the bicycle: The sophistication of simple, classic design. The beauty of luxurious, refined materials. The marriage innovation and creativity. And, of course, what it all results in: the unabashed, unbridled freedom of unfettered forward momentum.

Poème is beauty in motion.